We love to tell our story and believe running a business is all about story telling. So, I’m Dan. I’m the middle brother of The Rolland Family. My older brother Mike enrolled into Indiana University in 2004 and thats really when our journey began. As a sophomore in college Mike launched btownmenus which is a restaurant delivery app & website. Mike spent his days passing out fliers and free pizza. At night he would bring free food to different apartment complexes and greek houses. Teachers began to take notice and started to let him speak in front of lecture halls to inform the students of the new service. The business blew up. I enrolled at the University of Colorado in 2006 and launched our sister website hungrybuffs shortly after. Using similar tactics, that business blew up as well. Both companies have been thriving ever since. We joined forced once we both graduated and launched lodel to bring the service to a few towns. I’m not going to mention our competitors but the industry got very competitive at one point and we had to evolve and learn new ways to connect with users. Each generation is completely different. Boomers are a different breed than Millennials who are a different breed than Gen Z’s. We had to learn how to connect with each one and realized that connecting with Gen Z’s was actually fun and easier (if done right) than any other generation. Social media has really changed the game for companies that utilize it right. It has far greater potential than traditional forms of marketing and direct to consumers have been made possible because of social media. Once we figured this out and established a really large online presence we knew it was time to help other companies who are on a similar journey as us. We are a unique media group because our 1st client was us. We were our own ginipig and still are to this day. We’ve had a successful business since 2005 and we compete with the top companies in the world using these tactics.